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Crystals for the Menopause

There you are minding your own business getting on with life working, running your own business, seeing children through college, university, their 1st job or perhaps looking after elderly parents when out of the blue you start to experience mood swings, hot flushes, difficulty sleeping, foggy thinking, fatigue just to name a few. Someone mentions menopause and you think whhhat! ME, how did that happen?

Although a natural part in the journey of a woman’s life, a few hold fears around this phase, they feel they will no longer be valued or that their youthfulness has ended.
It’s as if life as they know it is ending.

Once this natural transition has completed though, most women find that it delivered a gift of liberation and transformation. They find their wings, value themselves on a deeper level and with a new sense of freedom they settle into a more balanced and content way of life.

Energy healing and crystals are one of the many natural approaches you can use as an aid for symptoms that are frequently encountered during the menopause; here are three crystals you may wish to consider to help you during those times.

Sodalite ~ Clarity of Thought

One of those frustrating symptoms is foggy thinking; it is thought to be a temporary side effect caused by decreasing levels of Estrogen and progesterone.

A crystal to assist you in clearing your mind and to encourage logical thinking is Sodalite, also known as the blue logic stone.

Sodalite is a brilliant crystal for alleviating confused thinking, it helps you to gather your thoughts and express them in a coherent manner.

Carnelian ~ Fatigue

Many women complain of fatigue during the menopause, where your drive and energy has got up and gone leaving you feeling sluggish and unable to get on with life.

A crystal known for its life force qualities that can help to boost and stablise your energy is Carnelian; it is a useful crystal to utilise in these types of circumstances.

If you experience fatigue during the menopause Carnelian has the capacity to deliver a sense of liveliness and vitality, this in turn diminishes feelings of lethargy and exhaustion that can dramatically affect your quality of life.

This crystal can make you feel more invigorated, refreshed, it helps to alleviate those sluggish tired all the time feelings that often accompany the menopausal phase of life.  Pop one in you pocket or carry it about your person.

Lepidolite ~ Mood Swings

As hormones change during the peri-menopause and the menopause itself mood wings and feelings of anxiety can start to surface, they seem to come from nowhere.

During the menopause, your fluctuating hormones have an impact on your entire body, leaving you feeling fine one moment then a sense of dread the next. This crystal is fabulous when used as an aid to stabilize those erratic mood swings returning you to a sense of calm and balance.

The reason Lepidolite is so useful to have as an aid is because one of the minerals in this crystal is lithium, which is very useful in alleviating feelings of stress and anxiety.

I did not realise when transiting through the menopause myself that excessive mood swings and anxiety were symptoms. Later, after having experienced those symptoms I found it amazing that the crystal I had unkowingly been drawn to at the time and used had lithium within it just like lepidolite.

This fabulous little crystal can also help to cool and balance the body too, so it offers an extra bonus when experiencing those hot flushes.

You can purchase these three crystals in a pack to use as an aid on your menopausal journey HERE