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Crystals for New Beginnings

There comes a point in everyone’s life where change is inevitable whether this is by choice or on those occasions when it bursts centre stage and you are left juggling with all those things that have been thrown in the air, yes it is true we do not always get to choose our new beginnings.

Whether you have chosen a new path or drama has knocked on your door, here are three crystals you may want to consider to either support or embrace what may be a new beginning for you.

TIGERS EYE ~ Embrace

This is the beginning and as such almost anything is possible when you are willing to have an open mind and the will to embrace the new. Tigers Eye is there to support you every step of the way in your new quest and it will assist you in reaching your desired goal
When we start out on something brand new, it is often difficult to see how circumstances will turn out. With the help of Tigers Eye, you will be supported in determining the difference between what is most beneficial for your new venture and what is just fanciful. This crystal makes you acutely aware of your inner personal needs so to promote clarity with your aims and intentions leading you to make decisions from a place of power and integrity
Embracing this powerful crystal when launching new projects is one will that will assist you in reaching your true desires, diminishing any fears of failure along the way.
Tigers Eye for supporting all new endeavours and boosting your personal power.


Renowned as the stone of new beginnings Moonstone has the capacity to subdue and take the sting out of any unexpected changes that have brought you to this new path.

Not all new beginnings are perceived as favourable and this crystal is useful in calming and soothing any emotional shock that you may have encountered. It also serves to dampen down any possible overreaction especially whilst you are adjusting to the new situation; it also reminds you that even if you do not see it now, fabulous new beginnings generally follow an ending of some sort.

Moonstone assists in recognising the ebbs and flows of life, it will support you whilst gently providing you with the time and space to take stock and ask yourself what are my desires, what do I really want from this life.

New beginnings can make you feel like everything is out of control, you feel overwhelmed and anxious, leaving you with your hands tightly over your eyes unsure where to look or begin. This lovely crystal inspires you to make wise choices, those types of choices that cultivate a confident outlook on life, to take the viewpoint that there is the promise of new potential and opportunity out there to have.

Moonstone a crystal to light up your path, remove the shadows and guide you forward to a bright future.

MOOKAITE  ~ Motivate

This crystal motivates you to move forward leaving all worries behind you. It points you in a forward direction saying, “no more living in the past.”

New beginnings come in all shapes and many disguises and when these changes appear suddenly Mookaite is the one to offer stability. It does its best to allay your fears and assists you in recognising there is nothing “out there” that you cannot handle, that you are far stronger than you think you are.

Mookaite, whilst providing the motivation will encourage you to take a chance and to seek out the adventure, hidden within the new situation that you find yourself in

Re-birth and changes are a natural part of our existence and Mookaite provides a sense of enthusiasm and passion for the constant flow of life.

Lorraine x

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Three Crystals For When Your Willpower Starts To Wobble

OK so you made a New Year’s resolution you were full of good intentions, you really meant it as the words fell from your mouth.  You still are I hear you say, but the occasional wobble keeps creeping up on you and nearly tipping you over the edge.

The chocolate biscuit shouts “EAT ME” louder by the day!

The trainers for jogging look less appealing by the minute!

Here we have three crystals to assist in boosting your willpower and to see you through to success.  They all can help you to stick to your New Year Resolution, or shall we just say goal as it doesn’t seem quite as daunting as the full-blown hanging around the neck type of RESOLUTION does it?

Tiger eye 

If your Solar Chakra becomes unbalanced or weak you may find that your self-discipline is also weakened and that your energy becomes scattered.  When this happens it can be difficult for you to maintain the energy required for self-control and restraint, hence your willpower falls to the wayside.

Tigers Eye is a crystal that will work nicely with your 3rd Chakra (above your navel/belly button) by creating emotional stability and strengthening your resolve and will.  It can be used as an aid for putting to bed any fears of failure that you may be experiencing.

This is a crystal that encourages you to move forward in a most positive way providing the motivation required to achieve your goals including any resolutions that you may have recently made but are struggling to maintain.

Red Jasper

A lively crystal that creates stability and balance by keeping you grounded.  At those times when you find you are drifting from your intended goal this vibrant energetic crystal can be utilised to endow you with the grit, determination and staying power required to keep you on track.

This dynamic crystal has the capacity to help you recognise that it is you and you alone that can bring your goal to fruition, it will assist you with the drive and energy to fend off any stumbling blocks that you may encounter along the way.

Red Jasper is useful if your aim is physical fitness as slowly but surely it will stimulate your stamina whilst boosting your strength and endurance at those times when your energy is low.

Black Onyx

This crystal is a good one to grab when your resolve is dwindling as it has the capacity to increase your strength of character enabling you to sustain an element of self-control.

If you are trying to keep off those chocolate biscuits but your determination is weakening and you are struggling with self-restraint then Onyx is a crystal that will assist you by enhancing your own personal power whilst offering you a constructive outlook and the conviction required for your success.

Black Onyx is quite an unassuming crystal that will support you in maintaining the focus and direction required, along with the staying power and discipline needed to keep you focussed on the task in hand.


So remember if (not when) your willpower starts to wobble like the proverbial summer jelly then using one or all of these crystals will enhance your willpower and provide you with the perseverance necessary in achieving your desired goal or resolution.


Have you used crystals for willpower? I’d love to hear which one you used and how effective they were for you.


Would you like to get your hands on our FREE Guide ~ “How to Keep You and Your Home Healthy With Crystals” ~ and receive Monthly Offers, Health Tips and Vouchers from Wisdom of Wellbeing?  If so ……  CLICK HERE 


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Wisdom of Wellbeing advises the above information does not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness it is complimentary in its nature and is not a substitution for health advice from your Medical Practitioner