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A Quick Guide to Three Crystals for Self Love

Love it or loathe we  are in the month were many people celebrate Valentine’s Day, it always seems to come around somewhat quickly don’t you think?  Rather than looking at it from a traditional viewpoint of loving someone out there, I thought I’d take the opportunity and turn tradition on its head and go from looking out there for love to looking inward and loving your-self.

Many people say it is difficult to find the “me” time required to turn inward for some self-loving, so it gets put on the shelf and forgotten about.  But self-loving is so important as it raises the vibration of every cell in your body; it allows you to recognise that you are just as important as all those things, distractions and other people who take up your time.  It tells your whole self that you are worthy and that you honour and value yourself.

With all this self-loving in mind, I have selected three crystals to assist you in healing and loving your very own personal self.


Kunzite is a beautiful crystal that will assist you in healing any underlying emotional problems connected to your heart.

If others have emotionally hurt you in the past, this crystal will serve its purpose by opening your heart.  It lends a hand for self-observation so you are able to recognise, break down and let go of any protective walls that you may have previously built and by doing so you will eventually feel a profound sense of freedom by being able to express your heart felt feelings.

Kunzite loves to heal your emotional self and let joy and happiness flow into your life.


This crystal is like that good friend who ultimately has your best interests at heart.

If you have a tendency to put yourself last or always forget about your own needs then the energy of Rhodonite will encourage you to recognise that doing this is a self-harming habit.

It is a crystal that offers you its heartfelt support, it wants to guide you so you recognise that your own needs are just as important as others, it boosts, nurtures and reinforces feelings of self-love.

Rhodonite is a fabulous crystal that will do its best to remove any self-destructive behaviours and it will work with you, encouraging you to create the time and space for personal care whilst easing in feelings of self-love.

Rose Quartz

One of the most popular crystals related to love; it would be difficult to leave it out, with its beautiful energies it seeks to promote unconditional love.

A truly gentle stone, Rose Quartz will help you in appreciating the true essence of all the love and beauty that is within and beyond you.  It is a crystal to open your heart on all levels.

This loving and giving crystal awakens the knowledge that within you there is deep-seated unconditional love, it has always been there.  This unconditional love is for you yourself also, to love yourself fully despite what you may see as flaws or failures.

Rose Quartz reminds you to love and accept yourself unconditionally.


These are just a few of the many crystals available, which relate to love and the energetic heart, you may be drawn to others if so go with them, trust your instinct and follow your heart.


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