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Three Crystals For Springtime Energies

Generally at this time of year, many of us start feel a tad more positive about life and as Mother Nature wakes up, new shoots of growth start to appear pushing forth and breaking free from hibernation.  We can still see all this continuing around us, however for some the situation being encountered at the moment may leave feelings of bouyancy in short supply.

Nonetheless, this is the perfect time to plant the seeds for our own new beginnings and growth and also to cleanse and raise our own vibration too.  There are quite a few crystals that you could choose to align yourself with of the energy of spring, I have selected just three though and I think they will work quite well for you at this time of year.


Plant the seeds now in preparation for when the flowers start blooming, the birds are in full song and spring truly arrives.  A good spring clean in the home can mean having a darn good de-cluttering session, removing items that no longer serve you and as you do so, it delivers a sense of liberation and freedom.

That said, what about your energetic space, your home has probably been shut up tight all winter and with this, stagnant energy can start to build up and begin to make you feel well, quite weighed down.

For this reason I suggest Black Tourmaline, it is quite a useful crystal to have around your home as it has the capacity to transmute those stagnant lower energies such as those emitted from computers or other electronic devices into a higher and lighter energy.

It is known as a purification and protection crystal that can be used at any time to act as a barrier or buffer against any type of ill wishing.  Placing this stone by your front door has the gift of dispelling any lower energy that may cross your doorstep.


As you leave winter behind you may feel a tad unsure which direction spring is taking you, if so the crystal Chrysoprase has the ability to steer you in a favourable direction.

This earthy crystal encourages adaptability and asks you to recognise that just as nature has its seasons so do we.  Chrysoprase is full of spring potential; it stimulates your focus on manifesting new beginnings and assists you in being flexible so to and get the most out of any situation.  By revitalizing your dormant talents and creativity, it provides a new way to approach stale situations sweeping in originality and renewal.

This charming crystal endows you with a sense of optimism chasing away winter blues and aligning your thoughts with your actions it awakens within you a positively fresh way of thinking and doing


During the winter months, it is quite easy to play safe and just bob along quietly, putting things off until later.  However, when spring arrives it’s as if there’s a bit of a nudge, a reminder of those things that have been left on the shelf and that now perhaps is the time to move forward.

Aventurine has a slight sparkly appearance as if it’s winking at you and encouraging you to take a risk, to start again and to trust in life.  This crystal has the capacity to look after your welfare offering assurance that all will be well during periods of growth and expansion, be that starting a new project or going off in a brand new direction.  If you are willing to take a chance then this crystal will help, it is one of the luckiest of all crystals.

This marvellous crystal encourages adventures and the breaking of new ground.  It instils you with a sense of leadership and perseverance so you may grow and flourish.  Aventurine assists you in being creative in finding alternative solutions and looking at all opportunities to assist you in moving forward, it is a stone that encourages you to follow your heart and when you follow your heart you are ultimately on the right path for growth and abundance.

This green gemstone is one of prosperity and positivity and just like those early spring days, it imparts the energy of anticipation and promise.


There are many crystals which you can work with to cleanse or bring renewal and growth into your life, don’t be shy in trying crystals that you may feel drawn to.


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