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Crystals for Halloween


Yes Halloween is around the corner where fancy dress,  broom sticks and pumpkins will hit many a wardrobe, cupboard and kitchen during the next few weeks.

People all over the world love to join in with Halloween celebrations, it is linked to Samhain (pronounced ‘sow’inn’) which is a very important date in the Pagan calendar.

Today Halloween is all about dressing up, partying or watching scary films, generally it’s just having lots of fun.  If you would like to add crystals into the mix whilst you are doing so, here are three to consider.


Getting creative is a big deal at Halloween after all there’s pumpkins to hollow and imaginative faces to  bring to life, themed treats to make that are just right for the night.  Carnelian crystals will help you with all of this, it won’t just deliver you oodles of energy to get it all done in good time it will inspire you with magical ideas bringing inventiveness and imagination to the fore.

Carnelian is a fantastic crystal to help you co-ordinate all those to do’s, bringing with it a sense of warmth and passion whilst creating your desired Halloween masterpiece.


In the run up to Halloween you have been probably been very busy, your energies can become scattered when there is so much to do in so little time. One nice little aspect of Obsidian is that it will ground and stabilise your energies, so if you are feeling all over the place it will quickly connect you and your root chakra back to earth.

If you are planning any magical work on the night itself Obsidian will offer you strong psychic protection, acting like a mirror, it deflects any lower vibrational energies away.   It is believed that black Obsidian can provide the best psychic crystal cleaning service you could ever need.


On Halloween you want lots of light and positive energy around you, right?  Clear Quartz will deliver this in abundance.  If you are holding or going to a Halloween event have a Clear Quartz about your person, it will assist by adding brightness to your Aura and stimulating positivity in and around you and the event itself.

This clever crystal helps you with clear communication too, whether with spirits or the person stood next to you at the party, it can deliver with sparkling clarity messages and the understanding of what is really being said.


So there we go, three crystals to bring into the mix for Halloween and if you are holding a party, why not get a few of these crystals and scatter them around, I think they would look fabulous as a display between a spread of Halloween tasty treats.


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Crystals for Colds and Flu

There was I, nose to the grindstone, ploughing my way through the last events of the year, posting packing orders, and greeting the last few clients for treatments before the Christmas break.

By the start of January I was sporting a red nose that Rudolph would have been proud of and feeling as if I’ve been personally selected to be kicked by the hooves of all the reindeers that pulled Santa’s sleigh.

Ok so I didn’t take my own advice of self-care by listening to the needs of my body, I’m human, it happens. I ignored the tell-tale signs, squeezing and stretching out that last bit of energy before the holiday.

If you have pushed the boat out too and forgot to anchor your energy and look after your wellbeing, here are 5 tips to help you get back on track.


1. As soon as you start notice the symptoms of cold or flu treat yourself to a long soak with a really good handful of Pink Himalayan Rock Salt crystals. They will work wonders at detoxifying your entire body whilst easing those aches and pains.

2. Keeping a Fluorite tumble-stone within your Auric field can be used as an aid for dispelling the symptoms that are associated with common colds or flu, especially at the early stages. Fluorite assists by cleansing and purifying.

3. If you are feeling wiped out and lacking energy then a Carnelian crystal will set you on the road to recovery by stimulating your immune system and providing a much needed boost to your life force energy which has probably taken a nose dive.

4. Utilising Clear Quartz when your muscles and bones are aching will serve you well as it’s one of the best crystals around for pain relief and the perfect stone for amplifying the qualities of any other crystals that you may choose to use.

5. Easier said than done I know, but rest as much as you can and drink plenty of fluids. Be kind to yourself, you don’t have to fight through feeling unwell, honour yourself and your body, let it be your guide to your wellbeing.


If you are going to use crystals as a complimentary method of recuperation, wearing them as jewellery, putting them in a pocket or under your pillow are all good ways of receiving their benefits.

If you would like a crystal elixir I’d advocate the indirect method and place your chosen crystal at the side of a glass of water for around half an hour, the water will take on the vibration of the crystal and you will receive the energetic benefits when drinking the water.

Remember to cleanse your crystals frequently whilst using them to recuperate and do not be afraid to use a crystal that isn’t renowned for colds or flu if you feel drawn to it, there will be a reason by it is more suited as we are all different.

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Wisdom of Wellbeing advises the above information does not claim to diagnose, cure or prevent any illness and is not a substitution for health advice from your Medical Practitioner