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February Where is the love?


Well I don’t know about you, but for me January has been a funny old month.  I could have gone down the hysterical route a couple of times if I had allowed myself, and I don’t mean in the hilarious sense either.  If you’d told me Mercury was in retrograde for the whole month I would have believed you, everything and anything played up.

Now we are here bobbing along into February and I for one am hoping for a smoother ride. With February comes Valentine Day, so come on hands up how many of you know that you are going to be receiving flowers, chocolates, little pieces of jewellery or in the case of a proposal maybe a big piece of jewellery for Valentines.

I had desires for a Valentines demonstration of some sort or another for many a year, about 30 to be precise, (I have a lot of stamina) I waited in vain…it never happened.  My other half never did give way to what he called “commercialism” he just didn’t buy into it.

I remember one time I decided not to bother buying him anymore Easter eggs, I’d done this consistently every year since we met. If you don’t like commercialism I thought, then my Easter egg offering just might make you choke!  Yes I was indignant

It’s so obvious now that I was looking for an outward demonstration of love and relying on Valentine Day for that, it can be difficult watching lines of bouquets arriving in your workplace with friends and colleagues excitedly talking about Valentine weekends away and Valentine meals in or out, whilst in the meantime having nothing to add to the conversation, apart from “Oh that’s nice”.

Eventually I saw the bigger picture and came to a place where I accepted that much love was offered to me every day, if only I’d look.  I didn’t feel the need for a token gesture anymore, I recognised I had someone who stayed through thick and thin, who offered multitudes of little things every day and gave me huge space to grow and just to top it off brought a fantastic sense of humour to the relationship.  Most of all as cliché as it sounds, I found the place to love myself so it was no longer a demand on someone else.

The point I’m making is, rather than projecting outwards on to others for our fulfilment, if we take a deep breath and start to take a good look inside our own self and perhaps ask “why is there this need in me, what is it saying to me?”  We are then able to resolve the anguish that we ourselves create.

When my husband hears it’s so and so day, it does rather irritate him and he still makes comments saying “days for this”, “days for that”, but it doesn’t matter to me any more.

If though, Valentine Day rubs you up the wrong way and you have sentiments like I used to, with tongue in cheek, I found a couple of other “days” in which you can celebrate that may be more acceptable to you or your partner.  Are you ready?

National Frozen Yogurt Day (I kid you not) First Monday in February.

Not quite what you were looking for?  Then how about…..

Open That Bottle Night (Not sure people will wait for this) Last Saturday in February.


Amber a crystal for February

Amber has captivated humans for thousands of years and over that time in medicinal terms has become known as the Elixir of Youth.  Warm to the touch and associated with the sun it is a favourite of many.

It is not strictly a Crystal but is embraced as such due to its fabulous healing qualities and sunny disposition.  Amber is actually a fossilized tree resin which often has insects or plant material entombed within.

This organic resin has been used for centuries as a pain relief and also to boost vitality.  It is believed to remove restrictions and melt rigid attitudes that we ourselves have created.  It also has the ability to protect us against outside influences.  You can place a piece of Amber on your Solar Plexus to enhance creative expression and enthusiasm for life.

Any captured insects or plant material found within the Amber will energetically enhance it with those same inherent qualities.

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You can also find a page on therapies there too.

So in the meantime, enjoy all that February brings whether it is bouquets of flowers or frozen yogurt.

Wishing you oodles of Crystal Rays and Happy Days,


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You Really Should ~ January 2017

YOU REALLY SHOULD ~ or should you really?

So how are the first few days or weeks of 2017 going for you? Did you succumb to making any New Year Resolutions, I say succumb because there is always is an air of expectation in the New Year that you will make one or even two resolutions.   I don’t think I’ve ever got to the end of January without someone asking “What’s your New Year Resolution?”

In the past I have made resolutions without much reflection on the previous year, they were generally made on snap decisions generally based on how I thought I should be or should look.  Have you noticed that quite a few resolutions are based on denying yourself of something or pushing yourself into doing something that you think you should, all because you believe you shouldn’t be like this/that, or shouldn’t have this/that?

That “SHOULD” word pops up quite often doesn’t it? Its sneaky little blighter, it slips into conversation without you even realising.  The word “should” is like a stick to hit yourself over the head with…come on giddy up get going.  It’s like telling yourself off for no reason really, after all a “should” is telling you that you are not good enough as you are or what you have been doing is wrong.  A “should” is actually saying that you don’t really want to do whatever that “should” is.   It’s as if there has been a previous recognition of a need for change which has been quietly ignored.   A “should” is subtly pointing out that at this moment in time; you are not ready to make that change.

I have found that anything based on a “SHOULD” is not “GOOD!”

Resolutions based on a “should” can become a struggle and you can begin to resent doing the said “should”.  “Should” creates an energetic resistance which can become like a boulder to be shoved rather than something to enjoy…. Enough already!

When we come from the view-point of not giving to ourselves our mind and bodies tend to put up a fight and it eventually becomes a struggle, and a battle that we generally lose.  I can recall countless times I have started a resolution from the basis of a “should” only for it to flounder later because deep down, my heart wasn’t in it, it wasn’t really me.  In fact the only resolution which one year stayed with me was when I decided to be kinder to myself and put myself first. I’ve got to say that year was much happier and easier, it lasted because I was giving something back to myself.

I believe more can be achieved especially when relating to New Year Resolutions if we place the emphasis on how we can gently nurture ourselves and what we can do for our own wellbeing in a positive way, rather than coming from a view-point of denying ourselves of something.  When all said and done there’s a great difference between I really should go to the gym (I’m not fit enough, I’m not slim enough, look good enough) to I really fancy trying that, giving it a go (it would be a hoot, I’d enjoy it, it’s a bit of me time, I’ll feel great) and anyhow what’s a few wobbles between friends.

A bit of sweet talk to yourself does no harm, you and your body will undoubtedly respond more positively in the long run.  In a more natural way and in due course the opportunity will arrive to let go of those things that no longer serve you, so come on lets tell that “SHOULD” to just shove off and take it’s stick with it, at least then, when and if you do decide to start something it will have the chance of becoming a healthy habit and not a passing fad.

As for myself I no longer make New Year Resolutions, nowadays I tend to reflect on the year gone by and ask what would I welcome with open arms again, what I would run a mile from, what has made me feel at ease with myself, what have I enjoyed and most of all what have I learned.

It’s something I should have done years ago, oops… did I say “should”

If you have made any New Year Resolutions the crystal below for January is one which will pull out the stops to help and support you…read on.



Black Onyx a crystal for January

This crystal can support you in making wise decisions and when those decisions are made it has the ability to support you with a steady supply of stamina.  It is a crystal which imparts self-control and enhances your own personal strength and will, so this is a stone which is ideal in supporting you in any New Year Resolutions which may have been made.

Black Onyx helps you to recognise your own unique strengths and to take command of your own future, offering assurance ands self-confidence whilst doing so.  It can be a secretive crystal helping you to keep your plans to yourself while you pursue them alone, quietly but surely.  It is a stone that will sustain you during difficult times whether under physical or mental stress, bringing with it the knowledge of any lesson to be learned.



This month’s birthstone for Capricorn is Garnet, if you missed the information earlier on the Wisdom of Wellbeing Facebook page and would like to take a look then just click on the picture to be taken there.

Garnet a crystal for Capricorn


If you would like to visit the Wisdom of Wellbeing shop (more stock coming soon) Click Here  you can also find a page on therapies there too.

So in the meantime, enjoy what January has to offer and good luck with any resolutions that you may have made.  Wishing you multitudes of Crystal Rays and Happy Days,