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March:~ Let It Go


Well it’s been a busy few weeks, in fact it’s just been none stop busy, and I am going to admit a tad too busy for my liking, do you ever feel that way?  It’s surprising how busyness sneaks up on you really isn’t it, there you are mooching along at a happy rate and suddenly someone somewhere turns up the speed on the conveyor belt of life, you start to smell burning and realise it’s you.. You’ve blown a fuse and everyone around you is hiding for cover, sound familiar?

I’ve fallen off that conveyor belt a couple of times during my life, dusted myself down and got back on before even taking a breath.  Fortunately I have learnt over the years that it’s that jumping back on without looking round and taking in the situation that can lead to burnout.  But this time as I was deeply engrossed in too much busyness a little song started in my head ….Let it go Let it go….you know, the one from Frozen.

It made me sit up and take note, I considered perhaps I wasn’t behaving in a healthy manner and the situation was not good for my well-being.  

I hope you too can recognise that little nudge that we all get, be it subtle words or even like myself that song which makes you sit up and notice that life is running  fast forward a tad too much. 

So in the meantime, enjoy all that March has to offer and remember if it all gets too much deep breath and  LET IT GO!.