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Crystals for Pain Relief


There’s no disputing it crystals are a valuable resource when it comes to pain and no matter how much we take care of ourselves, we all experience pain at some point in our lives to varying degrees, whether it be muscle pain, a joint ache or headache and migraines.

Underlying the pain there can be metaphysical reasons, consider perhaps that the pain you are experiencing is your body’s outward expression of that which needs to be resolved on an inner level.

Louise Hay and Lise Bourbeau have both written books on the connection between the manifestation of a physical ailment and the underlying metaphysical cause.

I have selected three crystals that most people own that can be utilised for pain relief. Many more crystals can be harnessed to assist in pain relief pain, as always I would suggest going with what you are drawn to at any particular time.


Experiencing joint pain for any length of time can have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle and leave you feeling weary.

Amethyst is a very common stone but one that is renowned for its strong healing and cleansing powers.  It is an excellent crystal to use for the relief of joint pain especially arthritis, it is also beneficial in reducing non-joint pain such as headaches and migraines too.

There are many ways to use a crystal to relieve pain and one method I suggest here is to leave an Amethyst crystal in some water for 12-24hrs then regularly apply the tonic to the area of joint pain.  If you have an empty roller ball bottle, you could re-fill it with the tonic and use as and when required.  Alternatively, if the joint pain is in your feet you may wish to put a few Amethysts into a bowl and soak your feet for half an hour.

Another way of using this crystal is by putting to good use your existing Amethyst jewellery, for instance use Amethyst bracelets for joint pain in the hands or a perhaps an Amethyst necklace for alleviating shoulder joint pain.  Having any Amethyst whether tumblestone or jewellery on or near the source of pain is ideal as it will reduce or block pain and soothe your nervous system at the same time.  It also may bring you some insight into the underlying metaphysical aspect of the condition.


Clear quartz is a master healer and a must have for your first aid box, it will be of huge benefit in assisting you in the relieving of pain for yourself and others.

Helping to alleviate all types of aches, pains and day-to-day ailments, Clear Quartz is a powerful crystal.  This stone is also utilised by crystal healers to accelerate the healing of broken bones whilst easing the discomfort and pain that during the healing process is typically experienced.

Clear Quartz has the capacity to lessen displaced energy and gradually return it to a time before experiencing the pain and discomfort.  Meanwhile it strengthens your aura releasing and unblocking any energy so to deliver the most optimal outcome.

If you have any quartz points or wands you can derive benefit from them by using the most blunt end first in an anti-clockwise manner over the area in question, then afterwards the point end in a clockwise manner.  This will initially cleanse and remove lower vibrations then re-energise and restore the area.

Try this method for 10 or 15 minutes a day for a couple of week and you should see positive results, remember it is always of benefit to cleanse your quartz after each session.


There are many reasons why we may encounter muscle tension, it is something many people experience whether around the tops of the shoulders or in the lower back area.

By selecting a smooth rounded Smokey Quartz tumble stone gentle rub in a soothing manner along the area where the muscle tension is most concentrated.  If you prefer you can also add a touch of massage oil too as this will help it to glide over the skin.

When using the crystal this way you will not only be soothing the area with a gentle rub but you will also be embracing the attributes of the Smokey quartz crystal by giving it the opportunity to gently dissolve and disperse any unhelpful energy that has accumulate in that area.

Try this too for any muscular spasms that you may be encountering, you can if you wish for a period of time tape the crystal on the area in question if comfortable to do so.  Remember though frequently cleanse your crystal if you continue to do this for any length of time.


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February Where is the love?


Well I don’t know about you, but for me January has been a funny old month.  I could have gone down the hysterical route a couple of times if I had allowed myself, and I don’t mean in the hilarious sense either.  If you’d told me Mercury was in retrograde for the whole month I would have believed you, everything and anything played up.

Now we are here bobbing along into February and I for one am hoping for a smoother ride. With February comes Valentine Day, so come on hands up how many of you know that you are going to be receiving flowers, chocolates, little pieces of jewellery or in the case of a proposal maybe a big piece of jewellery for Valentines.

I had desires for a Valentines demonstration of some sort or another for many a year, about 30 to be precise, (I have a lot of stamina) I waited in vain…it never happened.  My other half never did give way to what he called “commercialism” he just didn’t buy into it.

I remember one time I decided not to bother buying him anymore Easter eggs, I’d done this consistently every year since we met. If you don’t like commercialism I thought, then my Easter egg offering just might make you choke!  Yes I was indignant

It’s so obvious now that I was looking for an outward demonstration of love and relying on Valentine Day for that, it can be difficult watching lines of bouquets arriving in your workplace with friends and colleagues excitedly talking about Valentine weekends away and Valentine meals in or out, whilst in the meantime having nothing to add to the conversation, apart from “Oh that’s nice”.

Eventually I saw the bigger picture and came to a place where I accepted that much love was offered to me every day, if only I’d look.  I didn’t feel the need for a token gesture anymore, I recognised I had someone who stayed through thick and thin, who offered multitudes of little things every day and gave me huge space to grow and just to top it off brought a fantastic sense of humour to the relationship.  Most of all as cliché as it sounds, I found the place to love myself so it was no longer a demand on someone else.

The point I’m making is, rather than projecting outwards on to others for our fulfilment, if we take a deep breath and start to take a good look inside our own self and perhaps ask “why is there this need in me, what is it saying to me?”  We are then able to resolve the anguish that we ourselves create.

When my husband hears it’s so and so day, it does rather irritate him and he still makes comments saying “days for this”, “days for that”, but it doesn’t matter to me any more.

If though, Valentine Day rubs you up the wrong way and you have sentiments like I used to, with tongue in cheek, I found a couple of other “days” in which you can celebrate that may be more acceptable to you or your partner.  Are you ready?

National Frozen Yogurt Day (I kid you not) First Monday in February.

Not quite what you were looking for?  Then how about…..

Open That Bottle Night (Not sure people will wait for this) Last Saturday in February.


Amber a crystal for February

Amber has captivated humans for thousands of years and over that time in medicinal terms has become known as the Elixir of Youth.  Warm to the touch and associated with the sun it is a favourite of many.

It is not strictly a Crystal but is embraced as such due to its fabulous healing qualities and sunny disposition.  Amber is actually a fossilized tree resin which often has insects or plant material entombed within.

This organic resin has been used for centuries as a pain relief and also to boost vitality.  It is believed to remove restrictions and melt rigid attitudes that we ourselves have created.  It also has the ability to protect us against outside influences.  You can place a piece of Amber on your Solar Plexus to enhance creative expression and enthusiasm for life.

Any captured insects or plant material found within the Amber will energetically enhance it with those same inherent qualities.

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You can also find a page on therapies there too.

So in the meantime, enjoy all that February brings whether it is bouquets of flowers or frozen yogurt.

Wishing you oodles of Crystal Rays and Happy Days,