Shiva Lingham Pendant


Shiva Lingham Pendant

Shiva Linghams are named after the revered Hindu God Shiva, in Sanskrit terms Lingham means symbol. Shiva Linghams represent the male and Female energies within and are a useful tool to bring about a sense of balance.

All Shiva Linghams are natural, this is the exact one you will receive.

Approx drop 3cm
Approx crystal Width: 1.25cm

Black Wax Cord Chain 46cm (18″) plus 5cm extension

Shiva Lingham:~

The Shiva Lingam is sacred to the Hindu religion in representing and honouring Lord Shiva.  As in ancient traditions these stones are gathered once a year from the banks of the Narmada River in India.  The reddish brown circles, spots and markings are considered spiritually advantageous. A  useful stone to meditate with when feeling out of place with the world or ungrounded



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