Crystal Power Pack ~ Clarity & Vitality


Crystal Power Pack ~ Clarity & Vitality

This Crystal Power Pack is going to be beneficial for those times when you have brain fog and everything feels fuzzy.  Or at those times when you feel lethargic, fatigued or exhausted whether of the mind, physically or both.

These symptoms are often experienced by ladies of a beautiful ripened age and what is sometimes deemed as post menopausal, although we can all experience brain fog and fatigue at any time of life.

Amber, Bloodstone and Hematite can be placed in a pocket, held in your hand or even popped under your pillow to help alleviate the symptoms.

Use as a soothing stone, altogether or one which you are drawn to on a particular day.

Included in the pack is a useful little guide on how to look after your crystal and a meaning for each individual crystal. All enclosed in a keepsake bag.

All crystals are natural therefore there will be a variation in depth of colour and shapes

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