Chakra Crystal Set

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Chakra Crystal Set

A great little pack of chakra crystals use all at once placed on your chakras or one at a time as and when you feel. With seven crystals you can use one that you are drawn to on a particular day too and carry with you or have it about your person, you will be letting the crystals share their energy with you. Comprising of CLEAR QUARTZ – Crown ~ Master healer and amplifier AMETHYST – Third Eye ~ For peace and tranquility SODALITE – Throat~ For clarity and intuition GREEN QUARTZ – Heart ~ For love of self and others CITRINE – Solar ~ For inner power AGATE – Sacral ~ For energy and drive HEMATITE – Root ~ For grounding and stability Each crystal is unique in shape and size so may be different to the ones shown but will be of the same quality Change the crystals to how you feel each day    

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