Boxed Crystal Chakra Set



Each one of the 7 main Chakras relates to a gemstone that helps to balance and align that Chakra.

When your Chakras are balanced your subtle and physical energies become harmonised which promotes health and wellbeing.

Each crystal is unique in its nature and all come in different shapes and sizes.

The crystals in the box will be approx 2.5cm or larger

Clear Quartz

A Master Healer which enhances communication with your Higher Self


Assisting with meditation and accessing your innate intuition.


For expressing your inner self with calm and clarity

Rose Quartz

For opening your heart and radiating unconditional love for yourself and others


Use for connecting to your inner personal power, provides vitality and energy


Providing motivation and the courage to follow your desire

Red Jasper

To stimulate your life force energy and assist with grounding

Provided with an information card

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