Angel Wing Dish for Vitality


An Angel wing dish with crystals to aid Vitality comprising of:~

Smokey Quartz which is said to help protect your energy.
Bloodstone is thought to be an aid for the immune system.
Carnelian is widely renowned as the crystal for energy and motivation.

The crystals come in various shapes and sizes but will of the same quality as illustrated and at least 2.5cm or more.
Angel wing dish Approx 8cm.

Received in a presentation box with a orange coloured bow along with an information heart tag as to which stones are in the dish.

The crystals received with the angel wing dishes have the ability to bring their relevant energy into any room, you can also remove the crystals and pop them in your pocket, under your pillow or even in your purse to use wherever and whenever you choose, knowing you will always have that special place of an angel wing dish to return them to.

We have various options for you with our Angel Wing Dishes, whether you’re looking for Vitality, Peace and Tranquillity, Serenity or Good Luck,

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