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Times Of Transformation

Times of transformation can sometimes feel a tad heavy, especially at those times when there is a definite sense of energetically releasing and letting go. The thing is, when it is energetic it is not always in your face so to speak. What I mean is, it is not a tangable thing at this stage to hold, grasp and know what it is your working with.

We easily identify with what we are releasing and saying goodbye to when we have relationship break ups, leave a job or a loved one passes away. However, it has to be worked with it a bit more when energetically all you have is a feeling or a sense of something. We have to sit with it, ask and attempt to find out what it is trying to tell us, we have to tap into the intelligence of the energy that we are creating.

At those times when we sense, have an inkling that changes are underfoot or we intinctively know that we are moving in a different direction, we perhaps start to become aware that there will be a need to let go of things before the new can come in. We are still unsure what that new is and all we have is faith in self and the Universe.

When letting go of a large chunk or relinquishing a small aspect of life that no longer serves us on a soul level, we create a sort of void. It is the sitting with the knowledge that a void will undoubtly unfold after letting go, that can become a tad disconcerting. It can play with our mind, if I let this go what am I going to do, what will happen, O.M.G what AM I doing?

If we can relax a little and recognise there is an aspect of our soul that needs to grow, that it is working for us not against us. If we gently accept it has walked us on a path so well trod and it now recognises the need to expand and move us beyond the known, then we may then drop any resistance and burst forth to engage in new experiences that bring us beautiful growth and expansion.

Our soul is our greatest companion if we are willing to trust and ease gently into its knowingness, it can take a great leap of faith to do so as I myself am recognising, but I havn’t been let down before so I am willing to go with it and see what happens.

And as Ram Dass so eloquently conveyed ~

I invite you not to cling. I invite you to open to the next moment and allow it to have its own richness. Nothing will kill the glow faster than clinging.

Energy healing can be beneficial at those times when you are feeling a little stuck or are finding transitional times difficult, find out more about my offerings to help you on your way here

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Crystals for Transformation

Throughout our life we all have times of change and transformation, some are quite small, some quite significant and life changing.

Dependant on how we wish to flourish in life and our personal circumstances, there can be many different ways that we may create a transformation. Do we wish to make changes to our health, our perspective of the outside world or create a deep shift in our inner world to build a better path forward?

Regardless of how you see your own personal transformation, here are three crystals that you can put to good use to help you to evolve.

ANGEL AURA ~ Mastery

A delightful crystal that has been bonded with silver and plantinium to produce a flash of rainbow on its surface, it is from the Aura Quartz family and holds the energy not just of the quartz crystal but silver and plantinium too.
Going through a transformative period can be quite frustrating and Angel Aura offers you the mastery of calm and patience whilst waiting to receive insight on how to transform your life advantagously. It is a powerful crystal to connect with when you are looking to overhaul some aspect of your energy, whether this is letting go of the past or increasing personal power.

Meditating with this crytstal provides you with the opportunity of tapping into your past choices and actions to see any available lessons, those lessons can then be incorporated into the now leading you to the discovery of how best to remould and shape your life.

By working with Angel Aura, you may also find ways to strengthen your personal power. In a discerning and insightful manner it provides you with a sense of courageousness and through insights received, it can assist you to bring about the required modification of your outer life whilst adapting to the inevitable changes on the inner.

Angel Aura a stone of insight and transformation, delivers joy and happiness whilst expiencing the ebb and flow of change.


When wishing to create personal transformation Labradorite can sustain and support you as you feel your way to a new future, it endows a sense of diligence and dedication to the task in hand.

A lovely crystal that assists you in tapping into your intuition, it can deliver precise clarity on your direction enabling you to know intuitively what your true desire is on a soul level. Holding Labradorite has the ability to deepen your instincts, so you may bring your own personal and unique aspect into the changes you wish to make.

If you are finding it difficult to reinvent yourself despite the yearning for change and feel stuck in old comfortable ways, this iridescent crystal delivers the boost required to trust and have faith in yourself, it assures you that the birthing of a new version of your wonderful self will come about at exactly the right time.

Whilst going through the re-birthing process of the self, Labradorite offers a powerful protection for your Aura keeping it clear and balanced during the transition


Transformations can be chaotic and confusing the upheaval that arises under these circumstances can sometimes feel uncomfortable, Petrified Wood endows you with good judgement and the ability to decipher the important from the trivial, this in itself allows for a clearing so to see the way ahead.

With the patience that Petrified Wood offers, don’t be shy about tapping into its ancient wisdom and let it assist you in removing old time trodden behaviour patterns so you may embark on a reshaping of your beliefs and aspirations.

This crystal will deliver the shrewdness to know what can be changed and what cannot, to know what to salvage and what to throw out, it will bless you with the strength and grounding required to bring about the overhaul you desire so much. Petrified wood is a transformational stone and one that will venture to propel you to your ideal vision and the highest possible outcome, so aim high.

You can purchase these three crystals to support you and provide the assurance and assistance to flow during a time of transformation HERE

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The Energy Of Letting Go

A time to release and let go, not because it’s January the start of a New Year or decade, or even because that’s what people do at this time of year. No, it is much bigger than that.

We, my dear friends are being pushed and pulled by the Universal energies to move forward, to step out on a new path. The energies are calling us to make changes; can you can feel it or sense it? Sometimes, we resist, it seems too big a leap, but still the push and pull continues.

There are times when we do not hear or recognise the whispers or we protest too much and our fear and anxiety takes over and holds us back, all those what if’s start to rule the day. We try to ignore the calling, the willing that our inner being can hear; a calling that doesn’t seem to offer a cinema type movie of the outcome irritates us. We do not trust it we want to see the final scene and credits before we leap.

But sooner or later the calling for that new path has its way, we cannot stay stuck as we would like, the energy is far stronger it pulls and prods, it makes us uncomfortable and life can become difficult.

We start to look outside ourself, trying to find reasons why all has happened, why life has started to go so wrong. We get to a point where it is unbearable, we are unable to stand it any more the pain is too much, we reach our pain point and puff enough is enough. It is then that we make the leap of faith and jump on the new path that has been waiting for us all along.

The universal energies are always working with us whether we are in resistance or not, it nudges, prods and sometimes pushes us, pointing the way forward. When we listen to its whispers, its nudging, its guidance and we trust and take action, beautiful things can unfold for us, slowly and gently our life starts to change……we are in flow.

Wishing you much love and happiness, Lorraine x

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