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Christmas Values ~ December 2016

Square Box Round hole

CHRISTMAS VALUES ~ are you looking after yours?

It’s  that time of year when many are being pulled along and getting swept up into the seasonal push of planning and doing all those things that are done every year in offices, shops and organisations across the country perhaps around the world too.  Plans that is, for Christmas parties, nights out, gatherings, gift exchanges, what party frock to wear etc. etc. etc Ok you get the point

I love seeing other people excited….its infectious, it makes me smile, well at least I thought it did until I recalled a period in my life whilst working in a department for a large Company.

 Initially the Christmas festivity routine was quite a simple one, going to the pub on closing day if you wanted to, (large emphasis here on IF YOU WANTED TO).  I never did, I was delighted to have finished early on Xmas Eve and just wanted to get home to savour the joy of my young children who yes… would be excited for Christmas….their anticipation was truly infectious.

Over the years the events and expectations of the department changed and grew from just going to the pub on closing day (if you fancied) to –

Official Office Christmas Party (Where you were expected to go),

Unofficial office Christmas Party (you’re a party pooper if you don’t go).

Office Secret Santa (You are expected to participate)

Your work area Secret Santa (Your considered Scrooge if you don’t join in)

Christmas Eve office Party, you know where everyone fetches something in to eat, participates in being jolly and drinks a lot (you’re a miserable sod if you don’t stay behind and enjoy the Christmas Eve drinkathon)

Oh and lest I forget – go to the pub after the office party.

I never had any qualms with the above for those who wanted to; unfortunately I wasn’t one of them and was generally left feeling like a square box trying to fit in a round hole.Bah Humbug

Not everyone wants to participate in festive frolics with work colleagues, and Christmas within the work environment can start to become very difficult. Resentment and conflict can follow; being judgedas a miserable sod is a biggy! BAH HUMBUG

Many who put their heart and soul into organizing Christmas festivities genuinely believe everyone wants to participate, and sometimes great pressure is placed on individuals to do so.  It can become apparent that rejections of their festive plans are taken personally when subtle unwelcome behaviour and innuendos follow.

The title of this blog “Christmas Values” is for a reason, it is a reminder that it is important for each of us to value our own needs and requirements not just at Christmas but throughout the whole year, and to do so without feeling guilty or odd.  Did you know following your own values is one of the healthiest things you can ultimately do for yourself.  So don’t be afraid to take off that woolly coat (bahh) and be who you truly are!  And as if by perfect timing there is an appropriate crystal representing this time of year  which can help and support you….read on


Tanzanite is one of the many stones which represent the month of December and it is the most sought after mineral within the Zoisite family. Having a beautiful blue to violet colour, it emits a sense of calm and tranquillity which is ideal for using or having within the workplace environment, especially when encountering the stress and tensions that prevails around Christmas time.


Naturally releasing any blockages within the throat area this crystal encourages speaking your heart felt truth with confidence and ease whether in the work place or elsewhere. Having a fear of saying how you feel or communicating your truth can affect the throat Chakra, and can eventually cause problems.  Tanzanite has the ability to work through those fears and to overcome those difficulties making it much easier for self expression.  Wow, have there been times when I could have done with a piece of this strapped to my throat! Perhaps a nice necklace might look better.

Apart from the blue-purple colour, Tanzanite can also be found colourless and is sometimes known as a stone of magic.  Nourishing the Crown, Third Eye and Throat simultaneously it brings together all aspects of communication and is a wonderful crystal for speaking and communicating your truth with compassion.



This month’s birthstone for Sagittarius is Turquoise, if you missed the information earlier in the month and would like to read, just click on the picture to be taken there.



If you would like to visit our Wisdom of Wellbeing shop Click Here you can also find a page on therapies there too.


Whether you have Christmas celebrations or not, I wish you a most peaceful and loving time and as always sprinkled with crystal rays and happy days,





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Slowing Down ~ November 2016



It’s November already!!  Crikey Spiky where is this year going? Or should I say where has this year gone? I don’t know about you but I always feel the need to slow down the pace a bit at this time of year,  much like nature itself really, where everything at the moment seems to be winding down for a long hibernation.  Yawn!

At this time of the year it seems natural to take advantage of the darker nights and poorer weather by cosying up, staying indoors and resting with a hot toddy or a cup of hot chocolate.  You know, when you just want to get home after a long days work, lock the door on the world and put those warm comforting PJ’s on, hoping that no one turns up knocking at the door.  Because let’s face it there’s no fun in scuttling away to hide behind the sofa pretending your out, is there?

But over this side of the world the opportunity for us to slow down doesn’t quite happen does it?  We seem to do the opposite of what nature is encouraging us to do at this time of the year. What with Halloween and Bonfire night either turning up on the doorstep or just gone, with Christmas knocking hard on the door too, it actually turns out to be the start of what for a lot of people is the busiest time of the year. (I’ve just flopped on my bed at this point at the sheer thought)

I digress a little but it’s all relevant so back to November. Let’s have a look at a couple of crystals which represent the month of November, and see where they can assist us with those natural hibernation feelings that we may be encountering at this time of year, but are unable to take full advantage of due to living life at todays pace.


The Golden Topaz crystal is one of quite a few which relates to November, it is also known as Imperial Topaz. TopazThe colour of Golden Topaz reminded me of those autumnal leaves turning yellow as they say goodbye for another year, but interestingly one of the attributes of Golden topaz is to give you a boost and re-charge your batteries so to speak.  This crystal can assist in reducing fatigue and weariness by raising your energy levels.  So at this time of year if you feel you need your batteries recharging, Golden Topaz may just be the crystal for you.


Another crystal for November is Citrine this crystal is much more popular in modern times than Golden Topaz due to its availability and reasonable cost.  This crystal can display the colour of a few lightly turned yellow leaves, right thrCitrineough to the full glory of the deep burnt golden brown of late autumn.  Citrine is a crystal which has the ability to stimulate mental focus and provide endurance, good for when you feel you are clawing your way through the day.  This is the kind of stone you really want as it helps you get through those short days and long nights, with its warm and energizing glow.  During the autumnal days when the sun starts to reduce in the sky Citrine brings in that uplifting solar energy to enhance your well-being.

We have Citrine available in the Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop click here to view


Most of November is covered by the astrological sign of Scorpio (October 23rd – November 22nd) and here are a few details about those lovable Scorpions plus one of their birthstone crystals, (there are many to choose from).

Scorpios are said to feel emotions more deeply than any other sign of the zodiac and at the same time they give the appearance of being tough and steely.   So best not go pushing the buttons too hard of any Scorpions you may know, as you’re likely to attract that sting from their tale just when you thought everything was fine and dandy.  Ouch!

Ruling Planet:  Mars & Pluto

Element:  Water

Best day of the week: Tuesday

Colour: Deep Red

Most compatible with: Cancer & Pisces

Lucky Numbers: 2 & 4

Famous Scorpion celebrity: Martin Luther King

Crystals for Scorpio:

There are numerous birth stones which represent Scorpio and one of them is Malachite.

MalachiteWith a multitude of swirls which one could say represent those deep Scorpion emotions, this beautiful green healing crystal helps you to look deep within yourself; it guides and supports you to release the causes of your emotional disturbances.  But much like the Scorpion, with the lightning flash of its tail Malachite can also re-act fast at unearthing the root of a problem.   Be aware if you are not ready to let go it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, so gently does it.

That said I remember a time when this stone presented itself for a Client over several consecutive weeks to be used during crystal healing sessions.  Where other crystals came and went this crystal turned up to be used every week without fail.

I noticed that each week after a session some emotional situation always arose in the Clients life which presented them with feelings and emotions to face and work through, the Malachite crystal of course was doing what it does so well by going deep within and bringing to the surface that which needed to be addressed, over the weeks this provided the break-through that the Client needed which in turn left them feeling more balanced and stable.

Lunar Cycle

As you are probably aware the moon has an effect your moods and behaviour, I have always been interested in the energies of the moon and followed the monthly lunation so here I share the dates with you too.

Full Moon November 14th

This is the date to put your crystals on a windowsill for the energies of the moon to re-charge them.  Some crystals do prefer the sun, but it will not harm to put them out. A full moon is full of energy so it will amplify what you are feeling or experiencing in that time period. So if you’re all loved up that’s great and good for you, there should be more of it in the world.  On the other hand if you have someone or something pushing your buttons around this time best to try and avoid them or the situation, hey after all we don’t want you howling in the moonlight after you have let rip and done your worst…and as my mother used to say… I did warn you!

New Moon: – November 29th

The start of a new lunar cycle brings with it the opportunity to start afresh.   Now is the time for initiating what you really want in life and being clear on your objectives.  A new Moon is that empty sheet of paper waiting for all your delightful ideas and goals to be released.  This period is an excellent time to set your intentions for the coming cycle and allowing them the opportunity to grow.  If you have any new projects in mind this is as good a time as any to get them started.


Wishing you crystal rays and happy days,




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Is that shop now open?

Hello and Welcome,


Isn’t it amazing what direction life can take you in…..when you let it?   I cannot believe it is only a year since I launched the Wisdom of Wellbeing website based on the therapies I offer, and here I am now with a Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop.

I was initially prompted and prodded to do so after Clients and Customers asked if I had an online shop …..Aha! I thought that makes sense. 

There haven’t been any strategic moves or a cunning plan for this new website, no if I’m honest I’ve just gone with the flow, a flow which started in early February and which promptly flew out of the window and was gone by around March.  To put it simply I went with what felt right at that time, meaning the idea of an online shop had to be put on hold, obstacles arose, timing and events did not seem to be in my favour.

So I waited patiently for that flow to return, picking up the baton again so to speak just a few months ago.

Do not let that fool you into thinking it’s all been plain sailing, no, no, nooo, there has been stomping of feet, pulling of hair (mine I hasten to add) and the odd swear word… ok quite a few swear words whilst re-searching how to, when to, and every other to in the dictionary in my quest to create the website myself.  In fact if it hadn’t been for the support and help of my lovely family I would have thrown in the proverbial tissue a while back.  So it s is a very BIG thank you to them.

I found it quite disconcerting how I got lost in time when pursuing a goal and how these sorts of situations can literally take over your entire life.  I remember one evening my dog came over to me whilst I was fixated on the screen of my laptop,  I was working out the how to do’s and when to do’s, he just sat there staring at me.  He never even flinched when I quickly scanned my eyes over him wondering what he was wanting.  What he was wanting of course was his dinner, it was well after 7.30pm and I had been so engrossed in my own world that I had completely forgotten his world and his food.

And so back to the launch and new beginnings ♥

With a Moonstone crystal in hand I invite you to have a browse around the site and just to let you know I will be adding more products over the coming weeks so do keep popping back to see what’s new.

 If there are specific crystals you are looking for, or if you would like to see more products of a particular type in the online shop do get in touch and share your thoughts, it would be lovely to hear from you.  Also, please feel free to share with anyone who you think it may be of interest to.


As an opening offer and while stocks last, each new first order will receive a Free 50mm Onyx Egg inclusive of the stand.  Onyx :~ A stone for self-mastery and discipline it assists in keeping your own personal power and not squandering it.

Last but not least

We also offer FREE standard delivery on orders over £40.00

Wishing you Crystal Rays and Happy Days… Lorraine