Hello there, I’m Lorraine a fully qualified Crystal Healing Practitioner and Angelic Reiki Master.



A very warm welcome to my Wisdom of Wellbeing shop.

It is my wish to provide and share with you throughout this site my love for crystals and their healing qualities.

Here you can find a good variety of crystal products such as specialised healing tools, jewellery, items for the home or unique well-being gifts.


How did crystals become so important to me?

I turned to Crystal and Energy healing several years ago after exhausting conventional medicine, whilst experiencing three years of a debilitating illness.  It affected me emotionally, physically and cognitively to the point where I was unable to function fully on a day to day basis.  I’m thankful to share that I returned to full health and now live a new way of life.

Having experienced the results of Crystal Healing and Reiki for myself, I believe that crystals can be used in a natural way to assist with health and well-being issues

The founding of Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop

With customers from stand events and therapy clients asking for particular crystals or products, I decided to create an online Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop.  It is a small on-line business based in the UK and run by myself.

It is my wish to share the fun, knowledge and wisdom behind working with crystals.  I offer a personal service with a regular turnover of new interesting crystals and well-being products which I have carefully put together.  The gifts in particular are unique and not on the high street.

So please enjoy browsing the Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop.

Have a most fabulous day ~ Lorraine

Ps…If you have any questions or special requests or you are looking for something specific please get in touch at info@wisdomofwellbeingshop.uk  I’d be delighted to hear from you.
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