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Times Of Transformation

Times of transformation can sometimes feel a tad heavy, especially at those times when there is a definite sense of energetically releasing and letting go. The thing is, when it is energetic it is not always in your face so to speak. What I mean is, it is not a tangable thing at this stage to hold, grasp and know what it is your working with.

We easily identify with what we are releasing and saying goodbye to when we have relationship break ups, leave a job or a loved one passes away. However, it has to be worked with it a bit more when energetically all you have is a feeling or a sense of something. We have to sit with it, ask and attempt to find out what it is trying to tell us, we have to tap into the intelligence of the energy that we are creating.

At those times when we sense, have an inkling that changes are underfoot or we intinctively know that we are moving in a different direction, we perhaps start to become aware that there will be a need to let go of things before the new can come in. We are still unsure what that new is and all we have is faith in self and the Universe.

When letting go of a large chunk or relinquishing a small aspect of life that no longer serves us on a soul level, we create a sort of void. It is the sitting with the knowledge that a void will undoubtly unfold after letting go, that can become a tad disconcerting. It can play with our mind, if I let this go what am I going to do, what will happen, O.M.G what AM I doing?

If we can relax a little and recognise there is an aspect of our soul that needs to grow, that it is working for us not against us. If we gently accept it has walked us on a path so well trod and it now recognises the need to expand and move us beyond the known, then we may then drop any resistance and burst forth to engage in new experiences that bring us beautiful growth and expansion.

Our soul is our greatest companion if we are willing to trust and ease gently into its knowingness, it can take a great leap of faith to do so as I myself am recognising, but I havn’t been let down before so I am willing to go with it and see what happens.

And as Ram Dass so eloquently conveyed ~

I invite you not to cling. I invite you to open to the next moment and allow it to have its own richness. Nothing will kill the glow faster than clinging.

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