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The Energy Of Letting Go

A time to release and let go, not because it’s January the start of a New Year or decade, or even because that’s what people do at this time of year. No, it is much bigger than that.

We, my dear friends are being pushed and pulled by the Universal energies to move forward, to step out on a new path. The energies are calling us to make changes; can you can feel it or sense it? Sometimes, we resist, it seems too big a leap, but still the push and pull continues.

There are times when we do not hear or recognise the whispers or we protest too much and our fear and anxiety takes over and holds us back, all those what if’s start to rule the day. We try to ignore the calling, the willing that our inner being can hear; a calling that doesn’t seem to offer a cinema type movie of the outcome irritates us. We do not trust it we want to see the final scene and credits before we leap.

But sooner or later the calling for that new path has its way, we cannot stay stuck as we would like, the energy is far stronger it pulls and prods, it makes us uncomfortable and life can become difficult.

We start to look outside ourself, trying to find reasons why all has happened, why life has started to go so wrong. We get to a point where it is unbearable, we are unable to stand it any more the pain is too much, we reach our pain point and puff enough is enough. It is then that we make the leap of faith and jump on the new path that has been waiting for us all along.

The universal energies are always working with us whether we are in resistance or not, it nudges, prods and sometimes pushes us, pointing the way forward. When we listen to its whispers, its nudging, its guidance and we trust and take action, beautiful things can unfold for us, slowly and gently our life starts to change……we are in flow.

Wishing you much love and happiness, Lorraine x

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