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Useful Crystals For Travel

I love to travel and explore the world, even if that world is just around the corner so to speak with my trusted camper van.  It is amazing what you can find within your own country as well as the delights to be found in countries far away.

If you are a crystal lover, you may already have your go to crystals that you take on every trip.  If not here are three crystals that you might want to consider to use as an aid on your travels whether by Air Sea or Road.


This crystal has become renowned as a guardian stone for travellers, make sure though when purchasing this crystal you buy the polished type, as Malachite can be toxic in its natural form.

With long haul flights comes the dreaded feeling of jet lag, Malachite is a crystal of change and transformation and as such, it is a great crystal to have about your person during and after the flight to combat the effects of this.  This superb stone will support you in making the bodily transition from one timeline to another.

Many people get agitated when just thinking about flying and even more so when on the plane itself.  Help yourself to ease any stress, nervousness or fear that you may be experiencing by holding Malachite during takeoff and landing or at those bumpy times sometimes encountered during the flight.  This crystal comes into its own to support you, furnishing you with strength for the journey and providing a protective path to your desired destination.


There are many who would love to take a cruise of one sort or another or even just nip across from one port to the next on a ferry, but are put off by the thought of dizziness and nausea brought about from the rocking and swaying of a ship or boat.

In ancient lore, Aquamarine was held in high regard by seamen and it was their go to talisman, they used this crystal to provide them with a safe passage whilst providing them with the courage and protection required across the ocean waves.  Even today, this is a crystal still to be considered when taking to seas and waters.

Anxiety and fear have been found to lower a person’s threshold for experiencing motion sickness symptoms so Aquamarines soothing energies make it the perfect aid for calming any nerves and alleviating feelings of edginess.  The energetic flowing quality of this crystal provides a sense of structure, balance and order, which can be useful at those times when your body feels like it is swaying and struggling to make sense of the contradictory information it is receiving.

Aquamarine has a kinship with sensitive people, it just encourages you to just relax and go with the flow.  Using this crystal is like a breath of fresh air


Whether driving locally or over long distances that bring you to unfamiliar surroundings, Smokey Quartz is a fabulous stone to have with you.

This crystal can be used as a protective stone to shield you against the negative energies encountered with road rage.  It has the capacity to gently disperse those feelings of frustration and anger that we all experience at one time or another when stuck in traffic.  A great one to pop in the glove compartment.

Smokey Quartz is stone that has the capacity to enhance your attentiveness and vigilance which is a blessing when driving on our busy motorways, it assists you in having more awareness of your surroundings by grounding and anchoring your energies.  A crystal that is believed to offer some protection against mechanical breakdown too and one that can be used as a safeguard against accidents and bad luck.

You will be pleased to hear that all three crystals can be interchanged and used for any form of travel not just the ones referred to here, their attributes can be applied not just to the car or aeroplane but trains and other forms of transport too.

As always, trust your own inner judgement and select the crystals that resonate with you, but be sure to give them a good cleanse before travelling and during a long trip.

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