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Is that shop now open?

Hello and Welcome,


Isn’t it amazing what direction life can take you in…..when you let it?   I cannot believe it is only a year since I launched the Wisdom of Wellbeing website based on the therapies I offer, and here I am now with a Wisdom of Wellbeing Shop.

I was initially prompted and prodded to do so after Clients and Customers asked if I had an online shop …..Aha! I thought that makes sense. 

There haven’t been any strategic moves or a cunning plan for this new website, no if I’m honest I’ve just gone with the flow, a flow which started in early February and which promptly flew out of the window and was gone by around March.  To put it simply I went with what felt right at that time, meaning the idea of an online shop had to be put on hold, obstacles arose, timing and events did not seem to be in my favour.

So I waited patiently for that flow to return, picking up the baton again so to speak just a few months ago.

Do not let that fool you into thinking it’s all been plain sailing, no, no, nooo, there has been stomping of feet, pulling of hair (mine I hasten to add) and the odd swear word… ok quite a few swear words whilst re-searching how to, when to, and every other to in the dictionary in my quest to create the website myself.  In fact if it hadn’t been for the support and help of my lovely family I would have thrown in the proverbial tissue a while back.  So it s is a very BIG thank you to them.

I found it quite disconcerting how I got lost in time when pursuing a goal and how these sorts of situations can literally take over your entire life.  I remember one evening my dog came over to me whilst I was fixated on the screen of my laptop,  I was working out the how to do’s and when to do’s, he just sat there staring at me.  He never even flinched when I quickly scanned my eyes over him wondering what he was wanting.  What he was wanting of course was his dinner, it was well after 7.30pm and I had been so engrossed in my own world that I had completely forgotten his world and his food.

And so back to the launch and new beginnings ♥

With a Moonstone crystal in hand I invite you to have a browse around the site and just to let you know I will be adding more products over the coming weeks so do keep popping back to see what’s new.

 If there are specific crystals you are looking for, or if you would like to see more products of a particular type in the online shop do get in touch and share your thoughts, it would be lovely to hear from you.  Also, please feel free to share with anyone who you think it may be of interest to.


As an opening offer and while stocks last, each new first order will receive a Free 50mm Onyx Egg inclusive of the stand.  Onyx :~ A stone for self-mastery and discipline it assists in keeping your own personal power and not squandering it.

Last but not least

We also offer FREE standard delivery on orders over £40.00

Wishing you Crystal Rays and Happy Days… Lorraine



4 thoughts on “Is that shop now open?

  1. Congratulations on the launch of the shop! Love it & your blog made me chuckle 🙂

    1. Thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Pleased to hear the blog brought a smile to your face. Enjoy your day. Lorraine x

  2. I just bought one of the salt lamps!! Wow what a transformation to my home with this beautiful lamp. Not only does it give such a calming feel to my home but my son has also mentioned that our home no longer has a smell. I love this lamp so much and have found such calming benefits from it already, I have ordered another. Friends have visited in the last few days and have all gone away ordering one. Thank you Lorraine for top notch delivery and my beautiful free egg gifts ….. Love them ???? you’d best get some more in stock ????❤ xx

    1. Thank you for your valued order and feedback, I am pleased you were delighted with the Salt lamps and I agree they are beautiful when switched on and as you mentioned they do have an ionizing effect clearing odours and dust too. Enjoy x

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